Friday, August 16, 2013

Tournament of Terror

The tournament was interrupted by a demonic beast

"For God's sake Bob, don't move!"

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rumble in the Jungle

An intrepid band of adventurers have come together on a quest. To find a fabled relic lost somewhere in a deep forest. The forest is filled with fearsome creatures, giant black and yellow buzzing fiends, vast slimy monsters who haul their home on their back...and worse.

They hear a guttural snarl. Trouble in the form of lawn orcs.

"Gharr lads! Looks like these little lambs is lost, let's give 'em a hand!" snarled the leader as he scratched at his putrid grey skin.

Poison tipped arrows whistled through the air. "Shoot the barbarian, not me!" cried the dwarf.

"No time for jokes Master Dwarf" responded the old greybearded wizard. Here they come..

Figures - Fantasy Adventurers and Orcs by Caesar