Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Winter Dragon

This is a Dragon Panzer III, a really detailed 1/72 scale model including brass parts.
Despite this the build was fairly straightforward.

One of the colour schemes was a winter  1943 camouflage, which looked cool so I tried it.
The following tutorials came in very handy.

Flames of War
Rust and The City
Warlord Games

In the end I went for painting the regular camo, then a gloss varnish, followed by sprinkling salt on selected areas. Then I used a sponge to dab white acrylic paint on. I also gave it a sepia wash, quickly wiped off plus some weathering with Tamiya dry brushing products, particularly for the tracks.

The decals came last.

Not perfect either in the build or painting but I had fun and gained useful experience for my next try.

The Pharaoh Hunts

In the scorching desert sun the Pharaoh hunts. This is Caesar's 'Pharaoh's chariot with biblical peasants' set.