Friday, May 16, 2014


I got the King Arthurs's Romano British set from Hegemony Miniatures.

My favourite is Merlin here who paints up a treat.

Hegemony are in the early stages, in fact this was one of the first five sets. For this set they used a very soft rubbery plastic which was a challenge to paint. So this set is not for the absolute novice. I replaced Merlin's staff for a hard plastic spear with the end cut off (from a HaT set).

Hegemony say they are using harder plastic from now on and I'm sure they will go from strength to strength.

Below we have Merlin as Baelor the Blessed flanked by a couple of Targaryen guards. Yes, more Game of Thrones shenanigans. The guards are Caesar knights.

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  1. Nice work on Merlin! I've bought the set but I'm not sure of the way to paint the figures !
    Nice work on the knights and excellent idea for Game of Thrones !