Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ghâsh Olog

The Dark Lord also bred specialist trolls. Here we see an example of the Ghâsh-Olog, the fire troll. I played around a lot with this model, using some MiG pigments and effects, it was fun and I learned some useful techniques! Figures are Dark Alliance 1/72 War Trolls. Credit for the backdrop - the sculpture 'striking likeness' by David Mach.


  1. I like the trolls.
    Greetings from the Lands of Fiddle Wood,
    where real Gnomes live. BB

  2. I like them too. Can you please explain what MiG pigments and effects are ?

    1. Hi Phil, MIG pigments are weathering powders which are typically used in scale modelling. So you can use them for things like rust, dust etc.I used them for some rust on the armour and to give the base some varied textures and colours. You can easily find some tutorials on youtube, usually in connection with Games Workshop stuff.